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Roof Damage Insurance Adjusters for Greenville, SC

Roof Damage Insurance Adjusters for Greenville, SC

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Apex Construction is prepared to respond to your storm related emergencies within 24 hours. If you experience a property storm related emergency you can be assured that Apex Construction will do its very best to resolve your situation quickly and with the same degree of professionalism that you would expect in normal operations.

Water Damage From Storms or Tornados

Water seeping into your structure can cause incredible structural damage as well as damage to your personal property. The quicker the water damage is repaired, the less possibility of health-threatening molds will develop.

Within minutes, surfaces resistant to water will swell and disfigure causing permanent damage to drywalls, paper-based products, furniture, and flooring. Visible damage will reveal that the drywall, furniture and floors will soften and warp. Harmful fungi and bacteria can quickly grow and spread, especially during warm weather. An unpleasant odor will spread throughout the property.

Contact Apex Construction to utilize our professional water damage restoration and mitigation contracting services. The most important decision to make is to hire a contractor that understands the seriousness of the water damage to your home or business and one that can minimize and mitigate the damage, ensuring your property is treated and restored properly and thoroughly.

Services provided:

  • Quick, complete estimates for insurance submittal
  • Professional-grade emergency cleanup services
  • Water damage restoration
  • Water extraction
  • Drying procedures for walls, furniture, floors, etc.
  • Installation of new drywall, painting, flooring and plumbing services needed to repair water damage

What Is Involved in Water Removal?

Every effective Water Damage Restoration starts with water extraction and drying. Our crews utilize powerful truck mounted equipment which is able to extract hundreds and even thousands of gallons of water in the fastest time possible. We utilize professional-grade industrial equipment, including dehumidifiers, high-powered air movers and moisture detection viewers to ensure swift and efficient drying of the residence or business.

What is Water Damage Mitigation?

After the completion of successful water removal, our crews will take proper measures to minimize the damage that was caused by the water. The water damage mitigation method will change depending opon the classification of water damage to your residential or commercial property.

Water Damage Restoration

Restoration is the final step in a water removal project. Our teams follow and apply IICRC S500 standards to restore your property back to pre-damage state. Fortunately in many situations in the Greenville area, your homeowner's or business insurance will cover the cost of water removal damage services including complete restoration. We customarily work directly with your insurance provider to help ensure an easy insurance claim process.

Our water extraction, flood damage cleanup, damage mitigation, restoration, drying, repair, and other services are available throughout Greenville and the surrounding areas, including: Anderson, Clemson, Gaffney, Greer, and Spartanburg. Get help with our 24 hr emergency services and 24 hr restoration services. Our disaster pros are experts at disaster recovery, disaster restoration, and other disaster services, including professional cleaning services and professional restoration services.  Our damage restoration company provides both non-emergency and emergency restoration for companies and residences.

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